At Advantage Healthcare & Physiotherapy, we believe in hollistic health management. We believe Remedial Massage Therapy plays an important part in keeping you healthy and performing at your best. The aim of this page is to help you understand the benefits of massage therapy and introduce our massage therapists. Whether you are looking to restore mobility, release tight muscles, an athlete looking to perform at your best, or an individual with a sedentary liftstyle looking for relief our Wynnum massage therapists are here to help you.

Types of massage

About Our Wynnum Massage Therapy Services

Remedial massage therapy is available in 30, 45, and 60 minute blocks. It all depends on your injury, pain, background, goals, and tolerance to determine how long you’d want your massage for. As a general rule the more you need done the longer or more frequently your appointments should be. Our most common appointment time is 60 minutes long as this gives enough time for you to fully relax and get the most out of the massage. For a better idea, chat with one of our receptionists or massage therapists.

Remedial massage therapy has a range of benefits and our Wynnum massage therapists are experts in a range of styles. If you have started to notice tightness or discomfort that isn’t subsiding like it normally would, whether from a hard week at work, some extra exercise or simply from stress. Then it is best to book in as early as you can to see if you symptoms can be resolved. As with most conditions, they are much easier to settle early on instead of waiting for them to become chronic, where treatment can become much more complex or you begin to compensate elsewhere.

Massage can be beneficial in relieving headaches, back pain, muscular tightness or stress. If you are seeing a physiotherapist for rehabilitating an injury, ask them whether massage would be of assistance for your recovery.

How often should you have a massage? This is a question that many people ask, and the answer depends on a variety of factors. Some people come in for massage therapy to relieve stress, while others might go for massage to help with relaxation. If this is the case then once a month may be enough to keep you in check. However if you are using massage as a form of treatment for back pain or headaches, you might need to come in more often.

Massage frequency will also depend on what your plans and goals are. If you are having a particularly busy or stressful period at work, you are building up to an event or are training particularly hard. Then more frequent massages will help you to perform optimally.

Speak to one of our Wynnum massage therapists at your next appointment about your goals and they will be able to guide you.

We want you to be comfortable. If you are comfortable with removing your top for treatment you may wear whatever you like. If you would prefer to remain completely clothed during your appointment, you should wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing so that the massage therapist can treat your issue.

Yes, if you have the appropriate health insurance extras coverage then you may be eligible for a rebate when having a massage with our Wynnum massage therapists.

Meet our Wynnum Remedial  Massage Therapists

At Advantage Healthcare & Physiotherapy our passion is helping people live a health painfree lifestyle and massage therapy is an important part of this. We are please to introduce to you our team of highly trained and very experienced Remedial Massage Therapists. Our massage therapists understand that everybody is different and everyone responds differently to treatment. They have a vast arrange of techniques and are able to customise their massage to suit your requirements. They are trained to identify tightness and restrictions in your muscles and can focus on troublesome areas to help you get the most out of your massage. While all of our massage therapists are very skilled they are all slightly different in their approach, so if one therapist is fully booked, having a massage with one of our other therapists may also give you fantastic results.

Types on massage

Remedial massage therapy

Remedial massage is performed by a diploma qualified remedial massage therapist. They are experts in prescribing the correct massage for the requirements of the client. Remedial massage therapists have studied many massage techniques and are able to adjust the form of massage required when treating your conditions. Remedial massage therapists are also health fund rebatable.

Sports massage

Our massage therapists are all able to give great sports massages. Sports massages differ from deep tissue massages because the apllicatio of deep tissue techniques will be used when required. There are times in a sports massage that deep tissue techniques would be counterintuitive for the athelete or sports person.

Relaxation massage

A relaxation massage is focused more on the whole systemic systems. When we become stressed often our muscles will also seize up. How often do we develope a tension headache when our neck and shoulder become super tight? A relaxation massage enables your body to take a breathe and relax, this helps our other systems get out of the flight or flight mode and ettle down. Often the first step in solving issues or problems is to take a breathe and relax, a relaxation massage can often be the first step.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massages really focus on getting deep into the tissue that may be causing problems. Some people find that a deep tissue massage is more effective in releasing tight muscles and really enjoy the additional pressure used during the massage. Click to learn more about deep tissue massage.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy of trigger pointing massage is a technique where a particularly tight muscle presents with rigger points. Trigger points are popints in the muscle where they are in spasm. By appllying apporpriate pressure to these spots the therapists is able to get the muscle to relax and return to its normal resting length.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage involves specialised massage techniques for those that are pregnant. When pregant it’s common to suffer from tightness through the hips and lower back. Also post child birth the upper back quite frequently becomes very tight. In order to find out more about our massagees while pregnant please call our clinic.

Guide to Massage Therapy – a comprehensive understanding

Remedial Massage Therapy is a skilled treatment performed by a qualified massage therapist, to help you perform optimally, both at work, in the garden or on the sporting field. Massage therapy involves manipulation the body’s soft tissues, aiming to eliminate muscle tension, enhancing circulation, increasing relaxation and promote overall well being.

Our Wynnum Massage Therapists employ a variety of techniques to help target particular issues relating to your body. Techniques such as sports massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy can be used specifically to increase muscle length, reduce muscle spams and help speed up recovery.

The application of these massages alters depending on your needs as an individual. The intense nature of remedial massage can be modified to target specifically stress, discomfort or tightness in muscles.
Don’t worry the intensity of the massage are customised to your needs and tolerance. Understanding the scope of therapeutic benefits offered by different massage techniques allows clients to make an informed decision about their wellness journey.

Exploring the benefits of massage

The popularity of remedial massage therapy stands testament to it’s benefits and use cases. From manual labourers, sportspeople, retirees sedentary workers to students the benefits from skilled massage therapists are many.

Relaxation is an overwhelming benefit of massage therapy, directly impacting stress levels and providing and calm and serene state of mind. In today’s fast paced and stressful world, this reduction of stress is invaluable to your state of mind and in allowing your body to relax thereby putting it in a state where recovery can occur. This reduction in stress is essential to your overall health and well being.

Massage can help with circulation and lymphatic flow, can loosen tight muscles and help relieve pain from an intense workout or a heavy day at work.

Sports massage is a skill our therapists are very experienced with. Sporting teams have known the benefits of massage for decades with massage being used for recovery after a heavy game, mid week to help with any niggles and pregame to ensure the players are in optimal condition to start the game.

Sports massage isn’t always a deep tissue massage, different techniques and utilised depending on how the muscles feel and the condition of the athlete. Deep tissue massage can be of great benefit to those feeling particularly tight and restricted, especially after a heavy week at work or during a heavy training regime. Lifting heavy weights and intense training can cause micro trauma to the muscles, resulting in stiffness and restrictions in movements.

Massage therapy can be useful to help restore the full range to these muscles, thereby preparing speed up your recovery and preparing you for your next training session. Ensuring an optimal recovery and preparation is essential to help limit the amount of injuries that occur because of tight muscles and ill preparation.

The techniques of a remedial massage therapist

A massage therapist is versitile in their treatments and approaches to many conditions. They have been trained in many different techniques so they can treat in a variety of ways to maximise your recovery.
Often the massage begins with more gentle flowing type strokes, to help loosen up the skin, fascia, increase the blood flow and to warm up the muscles. This can help with swelling and circulation but also serves a role in preparing the muscles for any more intense type treatments. No pain no gain isn’t always a good moto when it comes to massage therapy, with many benefits can be gained from the more gentle type of massage.
This encompases massage techniques such as effluerage and lymphatic massage.

More intense treatments such as petrissage (kneeding) and tapotement (chopping type massage) can be used to build on the foundation built from the earlier effleurage. They increase blood flow, and the deeper type treatments can be more effective in releasing particularly tight muscles.

The most intense type treatments involve deep tissue, frictions massage and trigger point therapy for relaxing particulary tight muscles and any niggles. While this form of massage in often enjoyed or should we say tollerate by sportsmen and those who enjoy a lot of pressure, it isn’t needed by everyone and could even aggravate someone suffering from chronic pain.

During a remedial massage the therapist doesn’t just use one massage technique, they often use multiple types in differing doses depending on the needs of the patient. A person having a massage to help with stress or sleep may enjoy a massage consisting of lighter more flowing strokes and may not recieve any of the heavy deep tissue type massage. Compared to a avid gym goer may only spend a few minutes in the lighter type of massage before transitining into the heavier deep tissue massage.

Tips to help with your massage

Unquestionably the effects of massage extend well beyond relaxation, the right strategy can enhance these benefits and help you to maximise the massage effects improving your well being.

The first tip is to take some time to unwind before your massage, if you are able to relax your mind and body before your massage you will find you relaxe into the massage much faster, benefiting from its theraputic effects. Some find a hot/warm shower helps this process.

Another useful tip is to communicate openly with your remedial massage therapist. Discuss any existing injuries or areas that you don’t want worked on. Talk about the pressure that you would like and any issues that you have. Some patients don’t like being of their stomach for too long as it irritates their lower back, if this is you, tell the therapist and they will work around it or offer a solution, such as a pillow under the stomach for support. If you find the massage painful or uncomfortable tell the therapist, more pain doesn’t mean more gain and your comfort is improntant. If you are able to relax the massage will be less painful and you will gain more from the experience. If you would like more pressure please speak up, often the therapist will be cautious not to hurt you if they havent seen you before.’
Lastly don’t forget the effects of aftercare. Proper hydrating is important to help flush out the toxins, and facilitae muscle recovery. Applying heat to sore areas will help increase blood supply to the area and help relieve any pain from areas that had deep tissue massage, care must be taken not to burn yourself however.

The benefits of massages

Whether you are a health conscious individual, an athlete or someone who is just a little tight or stressed, the importance of massage therapy should not be underestimated. From reducing stress and promoting relaxation, to releasing a tight muscle and aiding healing remedial massage paves the way towards optimal health. Coupled with the genuine care from the team at Advantage Healthcare & Physiotherapy, your journey towards better health is not just enjoyable but also relaxing.

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