WorkCover Queensland Claims

Advantage Healthcare & Physiotherapy are recognised providers of physiotherapy and exercise physiology to clients under Work Cover funding.
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What you need:

Our therapists are more than happy to see clients under WorkCover – this is what you need before you make an appointment

  • Doctor’s Referral
    After your work place injury, visit your GP and they will complete a Work Capacity Certificate, they will send a copy of this off to Work Cover Queensland and give you a copy for your records.

  • WorkCover Claim Number
    Once WorkCover Queensland receives and approves your case, you will be provided with a WorkCover Claim Number and a Case Manager.

  • Make an Appointment
    Once you have this claim number, you can give our friendly reception a call and they will take a few details and book you in. Make sure you bring your

    • WorkCover Work Capacity Certicate (with a Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology Referral)
    • WorkCover Case Number
  • No Fee
    Once we have your Claim Number we will bill WorkCover Queensland directly and you will not have to pay anything at your sessions (in line with our payment policy)

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