Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) Clients

DVA Physio
Advantage Healthcare & Physiotherapy sees a number of DVA clients and servicing those who served us.

The DVA Appointment Process

Our Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologist and Dietician are more than happy to see and treat DVA clients. We also have some Clinical Rehab classes which may prove beneficial!

  • Referral
    All DVA clients require a referral from their GP regardless White Card (this referral needs to specify treatment area), Gold Card or TPI Status.

  • Number of Sessions
    DVA recently made some changes to the treatment cycle, which only allows 12 sessions before requiring another referral. After your 12th appointment, your provider will write a letter to your GP which will outline the treatment undertaken and future plans. You will need to visit your GP again to get another referral. There is not limit to number of referrals or number of service types (Physio, Exercise Physiology, etc). (This does not apply to TPI Clients).

  • Billing
    We will bill these appointments straight to DVA – with no out of pocket cost for you.