At least one-third of community-living Australians aged 65 years and over fall each year, with higher rates for those in nursing homes and hospitals. Falls are also the most common cause of injury-related deaths and hospitalizations among these individuals. After a fall, an older person is more than three times more likely to be admitted to a nursing home, and more than ten times as likely if the fall resulted in an injury.

Numerous Research in exercise prescription for older adults has shown that structured tailored exercises has shown to reduce the risk of falls by at least 30% in Older adults, reduce fear of falls by at least 40%, improve confidence in walking and improve quality of life.

Falls in older people can be dangerous, resulting in serious physical and emotional damage. Falls also result in significant health-care expenditures. The Falls Prevention Program is designed to reduce the incidence and severity of falls among older individuals while also lowering the social, psychological, and economic costs of falling on individuals, families, and communities.

At Advantage Healthcare & Physiotherapy, our dedicated Exercise Physiologist Sunny will help you design a tailored exercise program with a focus on improving your balance, coordination, walking confidence with or without the help of walking aids.

Our exercise physiologist will be using evidence-based exercise prescription model to improve your balance and quality of life.

Evidence says that exercise programs of at least 1 hour a weeregularly are effective in reducing the risk of falls in older adults.

The exercises performed in a Falls Prevention Class targets and trains the Cerebellum in your brain to help improve your balance. Your Exercise physiologist will assess your balance and coordination and will introduce exercises in your program at different stages to start improving your balance. Your exercise program will also contain components of Cardiovascular training, strength training exercises for the arms, legs, core and lower back, which helps to improve your balance levels, Leg strength helps with walking and standing activities, core training helps with keeping a upright posture which helps with a balance and arms strength helps with lifting and carrying activities which helps with balance.

At Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, we run multiple Falls Prevention Classes per week. Book your first appointment with Sunny to discuss how you can start improving your balance!

Vidur (Sunny) Joshi

Exercise Physiologist