1506, 2022

Why am I injured?

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Often the question at the forefront of a patient’s mind when they present at the clinic is ‘what is the cause of my pain or why am I injured?’ And why does my pain go [...]

1404, 2022

Load Management

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Today I want to explain from a physio’s perspective the idea of load and specifically how it’s management is one of the essential tools in managing a patient’s injury, pain and eventually rehabilitation.   What [...]

709, 2021

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

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Vaginal prolapse is common, affecting up to half of adult women. Causes include pregnancy and childbirth, aging and menopause, obesity, chronic cough, chronic constipation and heavy lifting. It is a common condition and symptoms can [...]

408, 2021

Tradies National Health Month

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Did you know August is Tradies National Health Month? We see numerous tradies at our clinic after workplace injuries, most commonly injuries of the back, shoulders and knees Acute (short-term) low back pain can occur [...]

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