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If you are in this age group the chances are that you have started thinking about your health, what your health will be like in the future and how you are going to continue enjoying life as you age. You may be getting ready for retirement, you may be enjoying life without the kids or with the new grandkids, or you might have been retired for a while already.

While everyone's situation is individual and different there is one thing in common... we all want to enjoy life.

We know that exercise and diet are good for us, but sometimes the current selection of gyms and fitness facilities are daunting, too "full on", too many young people or don't have the knowledge for individual health problems and are therefore "just not for us".

Our Exercise Physiologist understands this and are used to helping people who have all sorts of different life goals, and all sorts of different health situations.

If you would like to know more, please contact Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy Wynnum and one of our friendly reception staff will be happy to help.