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"Movement is an essential part of life. If we don't move enough, our body starts to breakdown."

Exercise Physiology is the science of movement for health. Movement is such an important part of being healthy and Exercise Physiologists specialise in improving health through exercise and physical activity. There is a staggering amount of medical evidence around the importance of exercise for health and well being, both physical and psychological.

There are very few of us that reach middle age free from injury or medical conditions. Irrespective of age, very few of us get enough exercise. The Department of Health and Ageing recommend that you need 180 minutes of exercise a week – that is, half an hour a day, with one rest day per week - just to maintain good fitness levels. The Department concedes that to do less than this is to risk serious long term health complications.

We are all working hard to try and get ahead in life, trying to save for retirement. What happens if we make it to retirement and our health isn't with us so we can enjoy what we have worked so hard for?

What modern society and western lifestyle takes away from us, Exercise Physiology can help give back to us. All we need to do is work just a little and the benefits of exercise are ours for the taking.

You can stay active as you get older.
You can stay fit and healthy for your kids (and your grand kids).
You can stay independent and avoid the nursing home.
Ask your local expert Exercise Physiologist at Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy how.