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There are very few of us that reach middle age free from injury or medical conditions. Irrespective of age, very few of us get enough exercise. The Department of Health and Ageing recommend that you need 180 minutes of exercise a week – that is, half an hour a day, with one rest day per week - just to maintain good fitness levels.

In recent years there has been an increasing amount of medical evidence supporting the importance of exercise for health and well being, both physical and psychological. Exercises also need to be varied and progressed in order for you to continue to improve your strength, balance and endurance.

At Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, we offer a variety of exercise classes that do just that. Our Exercise Physiologist is a university qualified professional who can prescribe an exercise program that is individually suited to your needs. Exercise Physiologists have extensive training in providing exercises that are safe and appropriate for your age and lifestyle. An Exercise Physiologist can see you individually or in a class.

We also offer mat and clinical pilates classes. Pilates has become very popular in the last 10 years. This is because it focuses on activation of your core muscle groups and this helps prevent injury, especially back and limb pain. Our clinical pilates has been developed by our team of physiotherapists and uses specialised pilates equipment to help ensure specific body movements to get the correct muscles activated. All our pilates classes are taken by a qualified Physiotherapist.

Physio can play a key role

Australia enjoys one of the highest life expectancies of any country of the world, at 80.4 years for men and 84.5 years for women (ABS, 2014). The average life expectancy of men and women is increasing. This means more of us are spending more time living in our senior years. It is important to make the most of this time by ensuring we can move independently and are pain free or at the very least have control of our pain.

It is important to implement strategies as to how you are going to continue to enjoy life as you age. Physiotherapy can play a key role in helping you reduce or eliminate pain, strengthen muscles and understand any movement faults you may have and how they impact on your body. In fact, at Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy we can help you in a variety of ways. From giving you advice on how to set up a great workstation that encourages correct posture while at your computer to hands on treatment and exercises tailored to your specific needs.