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I hope you enjoyed the Easter break and spent time relaxing with good food and good company. We took advantage of the holidays and headed out to Stanthorpe to spend some time away from our busy lives and indulge in some great local produce.

My husband has an adopted grapevine at one of the wineries, so it was an excellent excuse to visit his Shiraz vine and do a bit of wine tasting. As the weather cools off, I am looking forward to enjoying a glass of wine with a rich, warm, comforting casserole like these Lamb Shanks in Cranberry Sauce. I can’t wait to try them in my slow cooker.

While in Stanthorpe, we also visited an apple farm , juice factory and cidery. Unfortunately hail had damaged some of the crop recently, so we weren’t able to pick our own apples and bring them home with us. The kids are definitely keen to do that next time! We did sample some juice though and brought some home with us. The local fruit shop were able to help us out with fresh Stanthorpe apples. While we love to snack on apples, this recipe for Pork and Apple Bake is one of my favourite ways to eat apples and a perfect way to use our fresh apples and juice. I usually make it with apple juice instead of cider, and serve it with steamed beans.

We also had the opportunity to pick our own strawberries at the strawberry farm. We had so much fun. The berries were beautiful and the kids loved finding the biggest, ripest ones. They were so bright and glossy and tasted so sweet. Again, we are just happy to eat fresh strawberries as a snack or on top of our Bircher Muesli (see our October Blog for the recipe), but if you are looking for something a little different and comforting, try this Roasted Strawberry Crumble . And if you still have a taste for chocolate after Easter, then you can always indulge in a Chocolate Coated Strawberry with a cup of coffee after dinner.

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