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Most of us are somehow affected by Cancer, may be it is you personally or someone close to you going through treatment. Often you wish you could do something but you just don’t know what to do.

Massage is a wonderful therapy that can help at any stage of the journey. Massage helps the patient to feel nurtured and supported. Gentle techniques will encourage circulation to boost energy and speed up recovery and support the immune system, it will help the body process the waste produced by the Chemotherapy.

Some years ago there was a fear that massage would spread cancer cells around the lymphatic system and cause the cancer to Metastasize. Haematologist Dr David Joske of SolarisCare in WA, who is currently researching massage and cancer in NSW, states that “ There is no research to support concerns that massage might spread cancer.”

Some massage therapists may refuse treatment to those undergoing cancer treatment or who are in remission. There is honestly no reason for this. There is no research to back up this outdated thought process. Current studies state that light, gentle relaxation massage is safe in all stages of Cancer.

The personal contact and care provided in the treatment space is more important than rejecting someone who is already experiencing despair and feeling at loss, as a result of losing hair, being unwell and feeling “different”.

Massage is not going to move the cancer throughout the body by stimulating circulation and lymphatic flow, any more than going for a light jog or a long walk is. Having a treatment that is client centred on positive health and wellbeing is so important when undergoing medical treatment that is focused on the cancer.

It is important to let your therapist know

  • Where you are experiencing pain
  • If there are any open wounds or radiation sites or bone infection etc. that are too painful to touch.
  • Medications including Chemotherapy, Blood thinners Etc

Your therapist needs to take these into account to create your ideal treatment.

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