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A sports massage is a more vigorous type of massage that aims to improve your circulation and flexibility. It will help your muscles to prepare for, or recover from, physical activity.

Sports massage can have several different purposes. Depending on the purpose of the treatment there are significant differences between the speed and depth of treatment.

Sports massage can be done to one specific area or to the entire body. The three types of sports massage are:

  1. Pre event: Up tempo massage with the aim of invigorating muscles and prime them for action. This service uses light to moderate depth Swedish massage techniques and is ideally utilized prior to physical activity.
  2. Post event: Slow moderate depth massage using Swedish massage techniques. This is aimed at assisting muscles to recover post physical activity. It assists with blood flow and decreasing fluid and metabolite retention immediately after a sporting event or heavy training session.
  3. Maintenance: Moderate to deep massage aimed at giving a global effect to a body area. This service uses Swedish massage, trigger point release techniques and stretching. This is one of the most commonly performed massages. Many people who request deep tissue massage or Remedial Massage often are expecting this style of treatment.

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