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Pelvic lift chi ball-cropYour body shape changes during pregnancy and your abdominal muscles have been stretched over your bump for many months. This makes your muscles change shape and weaken. Exercising after you have delivered your baby gets you back into shape again, tones your tummy up and helps you prepare your body for the toughest job in the world - motherhood.

Your baby is reliant upon you for everything and is going to get heavier and heavier before walking is even considered. Feeding, bathing, carrying a baby and all the bits and pieces you need for that baby are going to challenge your body, your muscles and your joints. If you have kept in shape through your pregnancy, you will be much better prepared for the challenge of motherhood.

If you have not kept in shape, don't worry, it is never too late to start (but the sooner you start, the better). At Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, we believe it is our job to look after mums and their bodies, so they can better care for their babies.

If you have had a caesarian delivery, you must wait at least six weeks and get permission from your obstetrician before you start a Pilates program.

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