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What makes our studio Pilates special?

  1. Reformer 100s-cropSpecific individualised Pilates program designed for you - this means that the instructor leads you through your own exercise program, which has been designed to meet your exact needs.
  2. Small class sizes - capped at five participants per instructor. This gives the instructor time to correct each person's exercises to make sure that you are performing all the exercises optimally.
  3. Utilization of high quality Pilates equipment. Using equipment such as the Reformer, or the Cadillac, or Spine Corrector, as well as all the smaller Pilates equipment provides you with not just exercise variety but a highly adjustable exercise program which can be adjusted based on your individual strength and stability

The specific nature and care taken in providing the studio class experience has helped so many people get better from their injuries quicker. It has also helped a significant number of people achieve greater fitness levels and sporting performances.

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