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Crunch on ball - man-cropYou may have heard of famous cricketers, golfers, swimmers and footballers as well as other sports men and women who have made great comebacks after injury or improved their performances with Pilates. So if you are an athlete or interested in improving your sporting performance and decreasing your injury risk, Pilates is definitely something you will be interested in.

So what kind of Pilates have they been doing, and what is so special about it? Well read on and I will answer these questions.

What kind of Pilates have they been doing?

Commonly these athletes have not been doing your run of the mill gym based Pilates classes. It is far more likely that they have taken part in specific studio Pilates sessions which have been tailored to them based on their body type, strengths and weaknesses. This is also where the Pilates machines are used to make exercises easier or harder based on how their body works.

What is so special about it, that it gives them all these improvements?

The improvements likely come from the improvement of their bodies "motor control" system. Motor control is where the body uses some muscles to stabilise and other muscles to produce body movements. It is your body's ability to become good at using the right muscles to do the right things which makes it much more efficient at any physical task. This is made far more obvious in sport.

There is no doubt that undertaking this type of Pilates training helps the body become stronger, more flexible and more efficient.

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