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Side StrechPilates has a good reputation for improving your posture and building core stability which will help support your spine. So when it comes to helping someone overcome a spinal injury, if exercise rehabilitation is required, then Pilates at Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy is the best place to get that help.

Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy has built its reputation on spinal rehabilitation. So when you combine the expertise in spinal injuries with the expertise in Clinical Pilates, you can be sure you are in great hands when it comes to getting your back better.

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and tools, such as real time ultrasound, at their fingertips and a plethora of different tricks which help you get on the right track with your spinal rehab.

Your spine is an extremely important part of your body (not to be understated) and extra care must be taken to make sure that specific and correct exercises are given to teach your body to support your spine. Our clinical Pilates classes provide you with the specific supervision required to help you.

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