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Man Psuh up on ball-cropA revolution in the Pilates Industry, Power Pilates is the seamless combination of a cardio workout within a core muscle Pilates Studio class.

In the past, Pilates classes have been unable to claim a significant weight loss component. Power Pilates has no such restriction. Power Pilates is medically proven to elevate your basal metabolic rate for several hours after your class finishes. Basal metabolic rate determines how much energy you burn when you are resting. You get the benefits of increased basal metabolic rate, even when you are not exercising. This means that your body is burning more energy and thus fat (providing you don't consume more calories than you burn).
Power Pilates ticks all the 10 workout boxes:

  1. It burns fat
  2. It works your heart and lungs
  3. It provides core training to thighs, butt, back and abs
  4. It improves your posture
  5. It helps to prevent injuries
  6. It improves your endurance
  7. It sculpts your body
  8. It builds muscle strength without bulk
  9. It improves your flexibility
  10. It improves your co-ordination and balance

Every Power Pilates session at Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, is conducted by a University-qualified exercise professional.

If you want a class that ticks all the boxes and is run locally by exercise expert instructors, you have finally found what you are looking for.

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