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pilates logoWhen you do Pilates at Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, you know that we are looking for the best ways to improve

  • your posture
  • increase your stability 
  • improve your movement, or
  • any other specific goal that you have.

To get the best results when you begin, we need your mind to be relaxed and for you to increase your concentration on the exercise. As you improve and become more comfortable with your initial routine it is important that you take your mind off some of your exercises. This is so that we can teach your body and brain to complete good technique more naturally (which is one of the end results we are looking for).

We try and balance the classes in a focused but fun way, so that you can specifically concentrate on your exercises as needed and then continue to enjoy the classes as you make improvements.

We design exercise programs with the intent to specifically challenge the areas you need working on, so that you can get the most out of your Pilates program and have a very positive exercise experience.

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