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When you have an injury that you are trying to recover from, you need to know that the health professional knows what they are doing. Advantage Healthcare's Rehabilitation Pilates classes are all instructed by a university graduate with specialised knowledge and expertise in helping your body to recover from injury.

Our Pilates instructors all have either a Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology degree and have received not only specific Pilates training, but also have undergone specific injury rehabilitation through exercise training. Our Pilates instructors are truly your local experts on exercise rehabilitation.

Before you start a class,you will be thoroughly assessed to determine where your body is weak and needs protecting, as well as where you are strong and safely can build more strength. This assessments allows you to get the maximum benefit from your Pilates from your first class.

Each and every session of Pilates you do in our studio is individually planned by our university qualified staff and progressed so you are getting the maximum benefit out of every single session of Pilates.

We will assist and support you to achieve your health goals. It doesn't matter if your goals are to play with your kids, or to do an ironman triathlon. We will help you every step of the way.

Our clinic is a sports injury and spinal injury specialty clinic. Our team of clinical experts has over 116 years of combined experience: you could not be in safer hands. They are a part of a team of Allied Health professionals whose sole focus is to improve and maintain your health.

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