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07-cropPilates is a great form of exercise for many reasons and if you are interested in improving your fitness there are some important factors you should consider first.

Exercising at a high level without considering your body's ability to stabilize and control itself is like buying an old house without first looking under the house to check the foundations.
When exercising at a very low level you can get away with having only a low to moderate level of stability and core strength. However when you start trying to exercise for fitness it is more important to spend the time laying your foundations.

As you keep gaining even greater levels of fitness, the foundations you laid beforehand are more important. If you try to build your fitness too fast without laying good foundations cracks will appear in the plaster boards in the forms of small niggling injuries.

Doing Pilates for fitness will improve your foundations by;

  • Improving your stability,
  • Increasing your strength,
  • Increasing your flexibility and
  • Improving the efficiency of your motor control system

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