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Taping (or Strapping) can be used to limit undesired or painful movement whilst also allowing function of the affected area.

Two main indicators for the use of taping that we use in clinical practice are:

  1. Prevention: Tape is used as a preventative measure to limit injury in high-risk activities.
  2. Rehabilitation: Tape is used as a protective mechanism during rehabilitation phase.

At Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy we have highly skilled therapists who employ a range of different taping techniques to support/assist each individual's needs.

Types of Taping include:

  •  Rigid/Sports Taping - for protection of joints and ligaments during activity.
  •  Kinesio Taping - for pain, tension and connective tissue health and mobility.
  •  Dynamic Taping - to help your muscles to function better.
  •  Postural Support Taping – to hold the body in a better position

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