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Real Time Ultrasound CroppedAt Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are trained in the use of real time ultrasound for assessing and retraining muscle activation patterns.

Real time ultrasound is very useful for retraining correct core muscle activation patterns and enables the practitioner to ensure that the correct muscles are activating when you switch on your core. This is important for anyone after spinal surgery or back injury as often the core muscles are inhibited and need to be retrained to return to optimal function.

We also often use real time ultrasound around the hip for people suffering from lateral hip pain (often caused by gluteal tendinopathies and bursitis). This helps retrain correct muscle activation patterns to help resolve your problem more quickly.

We use real time ultrasound as part of our pilates assessments to teach you how to correctly switch on your core for when you come to classes.

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