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Buttock Pain – The Sacro Iliac Joint (SIJ)

Lumbar Rotation PPIVM-cropThe sacro iliac joints are the joints at the base of your spine within the pelvis, and dysfunction of these is just one of the reasons a person may suffer from buttock pain.

Causes of SIJ Dysfunction

  • A fall onto the buttock or landing heavily on one leg stepping down
  • Compensation for chronic back pain
  • Pregnancy related instability


  • Buttock pain (can be sharp with movement or a dull ache)
  • Pain with walking, running, climbing stairs, rolling in bed, getting in/out of a car

At Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy your physiotherapist can help you by performing a thorough assessment to determine what is contributing to your pain. They will use manual therapy techniques to realign the pelvis, reduce pain and address muscle imbalances. Our Clinical Pilates classes are an excellent adjunct to treatment for SIJ disorders, as Pilates helps to strengthen your core and stabilise your pelvis. This will help reduce likelihood of recurrence.

Pelvic Pain - Pregnancy Related   

Many women experience some pain in their pelvis during and after pregnancy. This can occur either at the front of the pelvis or in the form of buttock pain. Pregnancy causes the body to release hormones, which relax the ligaments around the pelvis in preparation for childbirth. Instability around the pelvis can occur as a result, leading to muscular pain. This may continue post-natally.
Pain may be found at the front or back of the pelvis and can occur when:

  • Walking
  • Rolling in bed
  • Getting in or out of a vehicle
  • Getting in or out of a chair

Your physiotherapist will assess your symptoms and subsequently determine the most effective treatment, including:

  • Provision of a a supportive belt to help compress and stabilise the joint
  • Exercises and self-massage techniques to reduce pain
  • Preglates (pregnancy-specific Clinical Pilates) to maintain strength during pregnancy and expedite post-natal recovery
  • Real-time ultrasound to assist with retraining pelvic muscles
  • Access to Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy's women's health specialist

If you have ongoing issues, your physiotherapist can help advise you how to minimise your symptoms and deal with the extra demands on your body looking after a new baby.

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