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physio 2The Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy family was founded, by Tim and Robyn Ling, in 2005. One of the key philosophies of the practice is to help all our clients achieve their optimal health goals. This is the 'get you better and keep you better' approach we take at the practice.

Some of the key principles are:

  • Caring about you, your body and your mind in a holistic fashion.
  • Treating you as part of the Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy family.
  • Offering you optimal treatment: we want to you have the opportunity to recover as quickly as possible.
  • Educating you about your condition and what can be done to manage/control/cure it.
  • Offering advice on the long term management of physical dysfunction so you can regain control of your health.
  • Treating you ethically and acting as an advocate for your health.
  • Referring you to other medical practitioners when you need treatment we cannot provide.
  • We are readily available to talk to you on the phone to discuss your health concerns.
  • We educate and train our clinical staff continually so they can provide you with the best care possible.
  • Working as a team with you, your doctors and other health professionals.

We aim to provide the most ethical, professional and comprehensive health care service in the Bayside region.

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