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Knee physio-cropTo compete at their best, athletes must be aware of their strengths and more importantly their weaknesses, in order to avoid injury in the sporting season.

Problems such as muscle tightness, muscle weakness, poor core stability and poor motor control can lead to injury, which in turn leads to time out of training and participation. Rather than dealing with treating injuries, isn't it better to avoid injury in the first place. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a recreational runner or looking to get back into some activity, our team can help you get the best out of your body and keep you out doing what you do best.

Studies following 3000 recreational and competitive runners over a year showed a 60% reduction in injury rate.

What can we offer you at Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy?

  • The latest evidence based pre-season conditioning to significantly decrease your risk of shoulder, knee and ankle injury.
  • Pilates and core stability exercises to allow you to control your body which helps control the demands that sport throws at you.
  • Exercise physiology to help you start, progress or add variability and specificity into your training program.
  • A thorough bio-mechanical and postural analysis from our physiotherapy team to highlight areas of weakness/tightness that will invariably lead to injuries as you increase your training load.

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