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Crunch on ball - man-cropCore strength refers to the strength of our core muscles, which are found in the deep muscle layers of the trunk. Core strengthening is an integral part of our philosophy at Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy in regards to 'getting people better and keeping them better'.

It helps to improve

  • stability
  • balance
  • co-ordination and
  • posture.

It plays an important part in injury prevention and athletic performance. As an athlete this kind of program provides you with a more stable base for arm and leg movements to occur, thus improving control and quality of your movements.

As your stabilising muscles gain more endurance you will be able to perform movements without your technique deteriorating excessively due to fatigue. It works well for pre, in and post season rehabilitation and maintenance.

At Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy we specialise in individual programs tailored to the needs of our client. We run both Studio and Mat Pilates which clients can join to undertake carefully supervised programs to avoid/minimise poor technique thus avoiding aggravation of the areas being targeted. As part of the assessment and treatment process we have Real Time Ultrasound Retraining available to assist us in assessment and rehabilitation of the appropriate muscles.

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