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Balance Training -croppedDefinition

Balance retraining is a remedial approach using exercise to improve balance. The ultimate goals of balance retraining are to decrease symptoms of dizziness and vertigo, improve balance, increase activity levels and minimize falls. Balance retraining is designed to help the central nervous system compensate for loss due to an inner ear (vestibular) disorder.

What Happens

At Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist will determine an effective Balance Retraining program based on a number of factors including medical history, current symptoms, range of motion testing and gait assessment.

Once a program has been developed to your specific needs, an appointment is arranged to go through this individualized program with you. You may wish to do your exercises at home or alternatively you could join our Falls Prevention classes.

Follow up evaluations are important to monitor your progress and allow for changes during rehabilitation.


When Balance Retraining exercises are performed regularly and faithfully, they can be an effective way of improving symptoms of imbalance disorder including dizziness and vertigo but also headaches and fatigue.

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