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Lifting Over items-cropMusculoskeletal disorders are the most prevalent type of injury experienced at work or home and they account for the greatest injury costs to our Workers Compensation systems.

Within occupational health and safety legislation, employers have a very real obligation to eliminate or minimise the risks that cause these injuries and health risks. We all know that spending the preventative dollars on these problems is far more cost-effective than paying the rehabilitation costs, once an injury has occurred. The average musculoskeletal injury claim cost in Queensland in 2012 was nearly $7,000.

So it makes economic sense to use the professional assistance of a Physiotherapist from Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, to assist you to undertake your risk assessments on manual handling issues at work. After all, we are experts in body movement and our Physiotherapist has specific training in task analysis to help you to identify, assess, control and monitor any hazardous manual handling tasks. We can also assist with the solutions by offering an array of training and education options. Please call us to discuss your needs further.

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