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Senior squatting-cropAs we age, we often decrease the amount of physical activity we are doing, despite the endless benefits of staying active.

For many of us we need to think of exercising for our health like superannuation. Throughout our working lives, our employer sets aside money to keep us going when we retire. In the same way we need to set aside time in our day and in our week for regular exercise to keep our bodies going.

Some examples of these benefits of regular activity and staying physically fit include;

  • Being able to keep up with your friends, your kids, and your grandkids to enjoy the moments in life that matter
  • Enjoying holidays both local and overseas to their full potential
  • Staying away from the doctors and more importantly out of hospital
  • Avoiding taking medications
  • Continuing to enjoy your sex life
  • And while probably many years off, the fitter you are, the better you will cope living at home as you age.

The Exercise Physiologists at Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy have a wealth of experience in working with people throughout their lifespan and specialize in in providing you with the latest information to help keep your physical health on track as you age.

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