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XRay Cardiovascular SystemHeart disease, coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease are all names for the same condition. It is a condition which is so common in Australia that it causes over 20,000 deaths each year. Heart disease occurs when the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle become clogged, making them narrower. This narrowing reduces the blood supply to the muscle and can cause symptoms such as angina, or, if a small clot gets stuck it can disrupt the blood supply completely causing a heart attack.

There are many risk factors for heart disease, most of which are lifestyle related. Risk factors include

  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure 
  • diabetes
  • increased weight
  • lack of exercise  
  • smoking
  • depression
  • social isolation and
  • a lack of quality social support.

Regular exercise is able to assist in the lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure, in reducing excess weight, and in the management of conditions such as diabetes and depression. This amazingly versatile treatment can help you to live a longer and more enjoyable life.

Getting regular exercise has so many benefits, it can assist in the management of specific health conditions, but it can also help lift mood, increase energy and improve sleep.

Knowing that exercise is good for your health and well being and putting it into practice though are two completely separate things. Whether it's finding the time, knowing the 'what, when, and how to' or aches and pains or injury that maybe prevent you from enjoying the benefits of regular physical activity, an Exercise Physiologist can help.

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