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MFRA trigger point (knot) is a tiny area of irritation in a stressed muscle.

Trigger points (knots) refer pain,cause weakness, or numbness either to the area around the trigger point or to distant areas of muscle tissue. The "key clue" pointing to a trigger point is that applying pressure to a specific point will cause you to feel tenderness, twitching where you are pressing or referred pain in another part of your body. Trigger points result from overuse, misaligned posture, trauma, and exposure to cold or chronically contracted muscles.

Trigger points and chronic muscle tension contribute to overall body fatigue. You may be feeling tired because your body is continually fighting itself to move around due to the tension caused by trigger points and muscle tension.

Your Massage Therapist can provide several treatment options to help with these muscular complaints. Improving circulation through massage or cupping can relieve trigger points and muscle tension. Acupuncture and dry needling can help and heat therapy is also beneficial.

It may be possible to try some self therapy by massaging your sore spots with your hands or by using a massage device, such as a spiky ball or pocket physio. We have a variety of these devices for sale at Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy. Simply ask your therapist which ones may benefit you.

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