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Relax-massage-croppedThis is a soothing massage which is aimed at helping you feel calm and relaxed. A relaxation massage is perfect for you if you are having stress in your life. It relaxes muscles and can include most body areas. It uses Swedish massage techniques and calming, gentle massage strokes.

Some benefits of regular relaxation massage will include the following:

  • Increasing the circulation of blood which helps with increasing recovery
  • Improving the flow of Lymph fluid which helps with improving or maintaining immune function
  • Massage can help to decrease swelling in our extremities and also around joints or soft tissue injuries.
  • Therapeutic massage can help to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which provides a calming effect and provides a counter effect to negative stress responses
  • Massage helps in maintaining good mental health
  • The use of massage improves concentration levels
  • Massage increases the ability to cope with various forms of daily stress

Even though we live such busy lives, it is vitally important that we take some time out for ourselves to maintain our own health. Most times, the benefits of this are far greater and more tangible that we realize.

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