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EP with Patient Exercise Physiologists are trained in the use of the following techniques to assist you towards better health:

  •  Health Education – 'Knowledge is Power'. The more you understand about your chronic medical condition, the better equipped you are to maintain your quality of life for as long as possible. Your EP can educate you about how increasing activity can assist your health and they will work in conjunction with your other health professionals to maximize the control of your disease.
  •  Physical Rehabilitation – Your EP will take into account your specific situation and can assist you by providing the following;
    • An individual exercise program tailored to you exact needs
    • Assistance and monitoring of your exercise program to ensure you continue to progress and are able to optimize your health.
    • Group exercise classes where you will get the support of an EP as well as support of other group members who may have similar health conditions to you. These sessions are conducted in a supportive environment, at each person's individual level with the goal of improving your health.
  •  Behaviour Coaching – The choices we make about diet, exercise and health in general have far reaching effects and can impact on our own lives as well as those who are closest to us. Sometimes it can seem like there is so much to change that it is all too overwhelming. Your EP can help you identify specific behaviours that impact on your health and guide you to health behaviour modifications, which will assist you in maintaining long term healthy change.
  • Exercise Progression planning – It is highly important to know where you're going with your exercise. Goal setting and steady exercise progression is important for success. At Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, our Exercise Physiologist will help you establish goals that are realistic, healthy and achievable.

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