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Young girl BSL test croppedDiabetes Educators are healthcare professionals who have expertise in diabetes education and care. They assist people with diabetes and their families, as well as those at risk of developing diabetes. They help people adapt to life with diabetes and set goals for implementing and adjusting self management as their circumstances change.

Diabetes Educators help by providing relevant information, knowledge and skills, as well as motivation and confidence, to manage the condition and make decisions about care and treatment.

Credentialled Diabetes Educators have been recognised by a membership body (the Australian Diabetes Educators Association) for their specialist knowledge and professional development in the field of diabetes education and care.

At Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy, our Credentialled Diabetes Educator can help you with many areas of your diabetes management including:

  • Self blood glucose management
  • Medication
  • Complications screening and management

Our team can also provide education in other areas of diabetes management including healthy eating, weight management, and physical activity.

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