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Dry needling is a form of acupuncture that has been used by Chinese Acupuncturists for a very long time in the form of 'Ah-shi' points. This form of needling has become more widespread in Western Medicine and has been validated by modern scientific research into trigger points (muscle knots).

How Does It Feel
Dry Needling is a more intense stimulus to the body than acupuncture and as such evokes stronger sensations.

Dry needling will be uncomfortable, but tolerably so. Your physiotherapist will be trying to stimulate a twitch response from your trigger points. This twitching will feel like a gentle unconscious muscle twitch. Dry needling is associated with some treatment soreness. It is normal for your muscles to feel achy (like you have had a hard physical workout) for 24-36 hours after treatment.

After an Acupuncture or Dry Needling treatment, you may feel drowsy, lightheaded or 'spaced out'. You must inform your physiotherapist about any of these symptoms and avoid driving or operating heavy machinery.

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